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Oh god yes

You included the Janitor review thing- I fucking love you.
I don't know how brawl taunts ever got popular, but meh.

Can't you guys take a joke?

All this is suposed to be, is an attemp to make fun of something popular. Maybe he liked the song and had an idea. Maybe he was drunk/hyper, or maybe he was JUST HAVING SOME FUN. Jeeze people- stp calling him gay and shit. He's not calling Neil a fag who likes anime, he's making a parody.

I think you guys are the ones who need ot get a life. Being angry about something so small? Shit guys.

Piconjo may love joo---

And I luv Piconjo.

Pretty good!

Not bad at all- but there are a few things that could be improved upon. Your photoshop works were a bit pixelated on the close up. Not a major issue here... It took WAY to long for him to walk to the cliff edge. You could have cut it a bit... People can assume. And when you zoomed on his eye it looked weird as the eye was very shallowly detailed.

Aside from those, it was a good attempt at a first major production! Keep up the good work.

Could be really good

I thnk thatthe intro was WAY to long (Got boring) and your lines look very slopy (On the people) I supose this next one is a gripe that probably is only my own, but the anatomy of the people is... well... wierd. It just bugged me, that's all. =P

Sender responds:

yeh the anatomy isn't the best :S

Not that funny

I'm a long time fan but you must have run out of jokes here! It's not that funny at all, and in compairison to your other ones it's even worse. Maybe you need a break to get some jokes back into your head.

While I loves Chatterbox in GTA3-

-I didn't like this. Your animations where shody, and Lazlow was posintless. Infact, I enjoy those woundclips more just by listening to then on their own, then having some boring, and pointless pictures set up to it.

Try something new.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thanks for the review


I am the lord of the Dance!

If you spent nearly as much time with the drawing/animation as you did with the text effect, then you might have a better score. They didn't run, the glided,- super Jesus action.

Being only a beta, I hope that this gets better.


I've been a fan of yours since the begining, and this is awsome! keep up the great flash animations!


And why didn't you credit the song? I know for a fact you didn't make it as I heard it more than 5 years before this, and have it still. Anywasy, a decent parody of Worms, Startreck and such none the less.

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